Feedback & Press

We want to hear from you! Please share your feedback with us and let us know what you loved or what we could do better!

Feedback we've received:

  • "Great job! I am so pleased with the new condition of my knives! Thank you for taking such great care in sharpening and reconditioning the blades. I just want to slice onions all day long! Thanks so much. I didn't even mind trimming the sinew from some chicken livers - usually such a nasty job, but not with a super sharp knife. Telling all my friends! "

  • "Our knives came back sharper than when we first got them! The process was super easy and turnaround was quick (which is what we were looking for). Thank you!"

  • "Ryan did a very professional job of sharpening my knives. Delivery and turnaround were super easy and really quick!"

  • "I am SO HAPPY with my knives! Ryan did such a great job, and so quickly. I can’t thank you both enough for taking care of us and our knives!"

  • "I had a great experience with Ry's knives. I gave them five dull knives, and within a day they were returned, extremely sharp! In addition, the price was extremely reasonable."

  • "I loved the quick turnaround. Pick up and drop off were seamless and you were very communicative throughout the day. Best of all, my knives are razor sharp! Thank you for providing this service."

  • "My knives were definitely in need of a pro sharpening, they are fantastic. I especially appreciated the attention to my pocket knife, which was in poor shape when I dropped it off. Ryan did a great job on it, removing a ding in the blade and getting it much sharper than it's been in years."

  • "Dropping off/picking up was super efficient and I was really happy with the turnaround time, too."

  • "Knives were sharp, cost was great and turnaround time is better than any knife sharpener service I have used previously."

  • "So, so delightful to have razor sharp knives again! That day I immediately put my chef's knife to use cutting potatoes and onions for Spanish tortilla and just about cried it was so easy thanks to the sharp edge (ok maybe it was the onions). Would definitely bring them back to you again."

  • "Your service was amazing! The knives are do sharp it's dangerous. You were so professional and the job was done super quick. I have been recommending you to my friends! Love it"

  • THIS WAS AWESOME! Things that were great: 1) communication was efficient, friendly, informative, and super responsive. I really appreciated that. 2) drop off / pick up was so much faster than I expected. There isn't a service out there that is this fast. THANK YOU! 3) price seemed fair, both for the sharpening itself as well as drop-off/pickup. Thanks so much. Really grateful to you both."

  • "We were very happy with the service from Ry's Knives. It was super convenient, as there was an option to pick up the knives from our house, reasonably priced, and quick. It's such a pleasure to have knives that are once again sharp enough to work with. Thank you!"

  • "Ry's Knives provided a fantastic service with great communication and a fast turnaround time. I continue to be so impressed every day by how sharp my knives are! Thanks for such good work. "